Rick Stein's Seafood Odyssey

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April 2000



In "Seafood Odyssey, " Rick Stein travels to seven of the world's main centers of seafood excellence, picking up recipe ideas and sampling new ingredients. He visits east-coast America to explore the flavors of Charleston Seafood Gumbo, while in Australia he finds innovative cooks producing masterpieces like Moreton Bay Bug and Fennel Risotto with Lemon Oil. India provides fragrant spicy treats like Rui's Turmeric Fish with Masala Dhal, and the street cooking of Thailand and the Far East offers Chargrilled Prawns with a Thai Dipping Sauce and Singapore Chilli Crab.


Rick Stein is a well-loved and respected chef, TV presenter, and author who has produced an array of award-winning books and television series, including "Food Heroes," "French Odyssey," "Mediterranean""Escapes," "Rick Stein's Seafood," "Seafood Lover's Guide," "Taste of the Sea," and most recently "Coast to Coast." All of his books and programs show a commitment to good-quality produce, sustainable fishing, and good husbandry.
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