A Season in the Sun

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Februar 2000



In 1976 Roger Kahn spent an entire baseball season, from spring training through the World Series, with players of every stripe and competence. The result is this book, in which Kahn reports on a small college team's successes and hopes, a young New England ball club, a failing major league franchise, and a group of heroes on the national stage.


Roger Kahn is the author of a number of baseball books, including "Good Enough to Dream," also available in a Bison Books edition. Kahn has written a new afterword for this edition of "A Season in the Sun."


Baseball is too often confused with the Major Leagues... Baseball is also college and Little League, high school and vacant lot and American Legion and Class A. 'A season in the sun' takes its form from Roger Kahn's notion of baseball's scope. To make this book, Kahn spent [a] summer touching down at the four corners of the baseball world... For baseball's characteristic stories - anecdotes and lore the game is rich with - Roger Kahn is best of all, with his sweet ear for the cadence of baseball talk... Take Roger Kahn's 'A season in the sun' down from the bookshelf to hear the soft baseball voices repeating old games in your ear, stories for summer nights or for long winters away from the diamond and the green." - New York Times Book Review
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