Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturally: The Untold Story

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November 2000



The authors take a holistic approach to finding the causes of arthritis pain and offer a self-help treatment program designed to heal the body from the inside out by incorporating medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements, exercise, diet, and chiropractic care.


Raquel Martins other works include Preventing and Reversing Arthritis Naturallyand Todays Health Alternative.Judi Gerstung, D.C., is a chiropractor and radiologist with a special interest in the detection and prevention of osteoporosis.


""Preventing & Reversing Arthritis Naturally: The Untold Story" by Raquel Martin and Dr. Karen Romano explain for us the basic ingredients necessary not only for good health in general, but specifically, for achieving freedom from arthritis.
In the fast-paced, and frequently artificial, lifestyles we live these days, most of us have lost or forgotten the peace, stamina and exuberance of truly healthy bodies and minds. Those 'vehicles of the spirit' have become congested, sluggish, and often painful.

Her fascinating description of nutrients, herbs phytonutrients), exercise, body therapies, stress management and sunlight is thorough, and well documented and referenced. But perhaps her most valuable contribution is the call for courage, personal responsibility and discipline; qualities innate in all of us, that must be nurtured and developed. Her personal experience and example attests to that, and these qualities combined with knowledge can lead any of us back naturally to our birthright of vibrant health.

The concept of natural hormone replacement explained in this book is 'an idea whose time has come'. It is a vital path to improving health and well-being.

Mrs. Martin and Dr. Romano also outlines strategies for making the most of our present medical-pharmaceutical-insurance-system and suggests ideas for compassionately making it better.

I enthusiastically recommend this book, not only for people with arthritis, but for anyone who wishes to explore new ways to achieve optimum health. I also recommend it to my colleagues who would like to learn more about nutrition, phytonutrients and alternative/complementary medicine." --Ralph C. Lee, M.D. (Dr. Lee has promoted nutrition and preventive medicine in his family practice in Marietta, Georgia for twenty years.)
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