A Companion to the Philosophy of Mind

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The philosophy of mind is one of the fastest-growing areas in philosophy, not least because of its connections with related areas of psychology, linguistics and computation. This "Companion" is an alphabetically arranged reference guide to the subject, firmly rooted in the philosophy of mind, but with a number of entries that survey adjacent fields of interest.
Written by an international assembly of the leading philosophers, the volume includes extensive cross-referencing, glossary entries, detailed bibliographies, and a comprehensive index. Among the entries themselves are series of 'self-profiles' by key figures of today, including Noam Chomsky, Donald Davidsion, Daniel Dennett, Fred Dretske, Jerry Fodor, David Lewis, Hilary Putnam, John Searle, and Robert Stalnaker.


List of Contributors. Preface. Part I An Assay on Mind. Part II A Companion to the Philosophy of Mind, A-Z. Index.


Samuel Guttenplan is Senior Lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has published widely in the areas of logic, philosophy of mind and philosophy of language.


'Guttenplan's extended and well-written introductory essay stands on its own as a fine introduction to current philosophy of mind.' -- The Times Literary Supplement
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