The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers

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Do you swing too fast, try too hard, lose concentration, lack confidence, get angry, putt poorly under pressure, finish exhausted,
or suffer for hours after a hard game?

The most valuable tool a golfer can bring to the course is a strong mental game. Yet many golfers and instructors take this for granted, focusing almost entirely on grip, stance, or swing technique. The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers is a unique and persuasive approach to becoming a better golfer. Leading sports psychologist Dr. Deborah Graham and Jon Stabler identify the eight crucial personality traits that separate true champions from the rest and give you easy-to-follow steps for improving your game and making it more enjoyable.

Using their unique GolfPsych® program, Graham and Stabler challenge you to explore the crucial elements of your personality and measure them against the traits of such successful golfers as Lee Janzen, Dave Stockton, Michelle McGann, and Gary McCord, all of whom have worked with Dr. Graham. With player examples and a careful explanation of why each trait is important to the game of golf, Graham discusses:

* Focus and Concentration
* Abstract Thinking
* Emotional Stability
* Dominance and Competitiveness
* Tough-Mindedness
* Self-Assurance
* Self-Sufficiency
* Optimum Arousal and Managing Tension

Complete with charts, self-tests, and playing tips, The 8 Traits of Champion Golfers is the only research-based, tour-proven guide to the mental game of golf, making it possible for every golfer to find their "zone" and play like a champ.


DR DEBORAH GRAHAM is a licensed psychologist who specializes in counseling golfers. She and her partner, JON STABLER, have worked with and tested more than 300 pros from the PGA, Senior PGA, LPGA,and Nike tours.


Dave Stockton In 1993, my second year on the Senior PGA Tour, I won five tournaments and $1,175,944, was leading money-winner, and named Player of the Year. The main reason I had a year that for me was unbelievable is that I worked hard on the mental side of my game. Two years earlier I had begun working with Dr. Deborah Graham and with her help worked very hard to improve the mental deficiencies that were keeping me from playing my best.
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