Selections from the Notebooks of Edward Bond: Volume One: 1959-1980

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Volume one of Edward Bond's notebooks charts the progress of his work, from 1959, when his plays were first produced at the Royal Court Theatre, to 1980, when he had achieved fame as a major writer. As well as commenting on his plays, it also considers his poems and stories.


Edward Bond is widely regarded as the UK's greatest and most influently playwright. His plays include The Pope's Wedding (Royal Court Theatre, 1962), Saved (Royal Court, 1965), Early Morning (Royal Court, 1968), Lear (Royal Court, 1971), The Sea (Royal Court, 1973), The Fool (Royal Court, 1975), The Woman (National Theatre, 1978), Restoration (Royal Court, 1981) and The War Plays (RSC at the Barbican Pit, 1985).


"A great playwright - many, particularly in continental Europe, would say the greatest living English playwright"--"Independent"
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