Promoting Inclusive Practice

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Current policy demands that mainstream schools seek to include pupils with special educational needs. This book takes a close look at how exactly this aim can be achieved by examining the various parts of the educational process. The book discusses: the practicalities of inclusive education the gap between inclusive policy and practicea re-configured role for special schoolshow the process of inclusion will develop beyond the classroom.Individuals who have learning difficulties are increasingly finding their place in non-specialist schools. This book considers the ways in which society can continue to support the process of inclusion as full-time education leads on to employment and independent living. The text reflects current developments in thinking and practice, and brings together a broad range of expertise and experience - it brims with enthusiasm for a positive approach that leads on to practical success.


Contributors Acknowledgements Foreword, Sally Beveridge 1. Pragmatism not dogmatism: Promoting more inclusive practice, Lani Florian, Richard Rose, Christina Tilstone Section 1: Inclusive Schooling 2. Inclusive Practice: What? Why? And How? Lani Florian, 3. The Curriculum: A vehicle for inclusion or a lever for exclusion? Richard Rose, 4. Personal and social development for pupils with learning difficulties, Richard Byers, 5. Equal opportunities and special education needs: Equity and inclusion, Liz Gerschel 6. Managing Change, Jim Wolger, Section 2: Inclusive Learning 7. Including pupils: Developing a partnership in learning, Richard Rose 8. Understanding Challenging behaviour: pre-requisites to inclusion, Ted Cole 9. Promoting inclusion through learning styles, Geoff Read 10. Individual and whole class teaching, Claire Marvin Section 3: A Re-configured Role for Special Schools 11.Moving towards the mainstream: vision and reality, Christina Tilstone 12. A wider role for special schools, Alan Wiltshire 13. Inclusion in national standards, Allan Day, 14. Routes to inclusion,Jonathan Steele 15. Multi-disciplinary schools, Penny Lacey, Section 4: Towards a More Inclusive Life 16.Planned transition from education to employment for young people with severe learning difficulties, Caroline Broomhead 17. Growing up - moving on,Jan Tyne 18. Quality of life as a crirtical consideration in the development of inclusive education for people with severe learning difficulties, Christopher Robertson, Author Index Subject Index.
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