Masonry and Concrete Complete Construction

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August 2000



The only all-inclusive, accessible reference for all aspects of building with masonry and concrete for residential purposes - ideal for residential builders, contractors, remodelers, and other professionals Part of the Complete Construction Series, this design-it, specify-it, and build-it source aids decision-making and construction performance by illustrating and explaining the function and behavior of each material Provides problem-avoiding insights into installation, construction, storage, and cleaning techniques - filled with tables, graphs, and over 100 illustrations


1. Introduction To Concrete And Masonry.

2. Understanding Concrete.

3. Concrete Construction Techniques.

4. Understanding Masonry.

5. Masonry Construction Techniques.

6. Footings, Foundation Walls, Basements and Slabs.

7. Masonry Veneer.

8. Paving.


Masonry Garden Walls.

Retaining Walls.


Christine Beall is a consulting architect who has more than 25 years of experience in the design, specification, and construction of residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. She has written or edited several books, including Masonry Design and Detailing and Thermal and Moisture Protection Manual (also from McGraw-Hill), and has published more than 100 articles and papers on masonry, sealants, glass, fire-resistant materials, moisture problems, and related construction topics. An active member in several professional organizations, Ms. Beall works as a consultant and expert witness in solving or avoiding design and construction problems. She has also been a contributor to Architectural Graphic Standards and the Masonry Designers Guide to the MSJC Masonry Code and Specifications and McGraw-Hills Encyclopedia of Science and Technology.
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