Fixed: How Goodfellas Bought Boston College Basketball

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Februar 2000



Using extensive background research as well as interviews with the principal characters, Fixed provides the first in-depth reconstruction of the point-shaving scandal involving the 1978-1979 Boston College basketball team, from the genesis of the plot in the summer of 1978, through the uncovering of the scheme during an unrelated investigation in 1980, to the trial that captivated the sports world in the fall of 1981 and its aftermath. This multi-layered story of greed and betrayal combines sports, gambling, and the Mafia into an irresistible morality tale with a modern edge.


David Porter is an accomplished sportswriter and columnist with over 15 years of experience in the print and online news business. He has written extensively for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Trenton (NJ) Times, and Foxsports.com, as well as contributed to The Sporting News, Soccer america and Hockey Stars magazines. It was while David was on assignment that he met some of the major players in the Boston College point-shaving case. He lives in Trenton, NJ.
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