Learning to Live with High Functioning Autism

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Intended for the professionals who work with autistic people and their families and friends, Learning to Live with High Functioning Autism draws on the Stanton family's experience, and compares it with the experiences of others, to offer an honest portrayal of what living with autism is actually like for all of those involved.


1. Introduction.
2. A parent's tale.
3. Understanding autism.
4. Diagnosis.
5. Conflict and partnership.
6. Brothers and sisters.
7. Early years.
8. Childhood.
9. Adolescence.
10. Adult life.
11. Myths and insights.
12. Challenging behaviour.
13. Mind your language.
14. Difficulties at school.
15. The way forward.
16. Conclusion. References. Resources and organizations. Index.


Mike Stanton teaches in a school for children with severe learning difficulties in the UK. Some of his pupils are children with autism, and despite the difference in ability he recognizes the similarities between them and people with high functioning autism like his son. Since Matthew was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome the whole family has been active in the National Autistic Society. Thus Mike brings both professional understanding and personal experience to the subject. He is, as he likes to style himself on Internet forums, 'a parent and a teacher and learning all the time'.
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