Windows Me Annoyances

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In an ideal world, an operating system is a collection of software that handles a computer's "dirty work" invisibly, quickly, and most of all, painlessly. For many of us, however, Microsoft Windows exists outside this ideal world. We are annoyed by "personalized Menus" that keep changing, icons we don't use cluttering up our workspace, periodic crashes, unintelligible error messages, and inadequate documentation to help us figure it all out.
Windows Me Annoyances has the insider information you need for overcoming Windows' many annoyances and limitations. Whether you're looking to finally solve a nagging problem, dramatically improve system performance, or customize the interface to better suit your work habits, the Windows Me Annoyances solution-oriented format makes finding information and implementing solutions easy and pain free. Thanks to the thorough and relevant documentation on the registry, Windows Scripting Host, and Windows' built-in networking capabilities, customizing and improving Windows Me is easier than ever.
Based on the author's extremely popular Annoyances.org web sites, Windows Me Annoyances delivers an authoritative collection of techniques and tools for customizing Windows Me, including:
* Several approaches and hidden tools for working with the Windows registry, the database of system- and application-specific configuration information
* How to bypass Windows roadblocks such as the Home Networking and System Restore wizards, allowing you to take control of the processes quickly and painlessly
* A tutorial and reference on automation with the Windows Scripting Host as a means of eliminating many Windows Me annoyances
* Using third-party software and utilities to handle some of the more complex workarounds and customizations
* Dealing with software that overwrites your file associations and other settings without warning
Windows Me Annoyances is the intermediate and advanced Windows user's best resource for turning Windows into the user-friendly, customizable interface it was meant to be, but doesn't always manage to be on its own.


Preface 1. Making the Most of Windows Me What's Wrong with Windows The Windows Family Tree Transition to Windows Me 2. Basic Explorer Coping Skills Coping with Explorer Tweaking the Interface Regaining Control of the Desktop 3. The Registry Getting to Know the Registry Editor Behind the Scenes: Hives and DAT Files Backing Up the Registry Restoring a Corrupted Registry Using Registry Patches Finding the Right Registry Key Automating the Deletion of Registry Items Search the Registry Effectively Compacting the Registry Using INI Files Understanding File Types Registry Tools 4. Tinkering Techniques Cleaning Up the Desktop Files and Folders Making Windows Your Own 5. Maximizing Performance Removing Software Bottlenecks Fine-Tuning and Upgrading Hardware Components Transfer Windows onto Another Hard Disk 6. Troubleshooting General Troubleshooting Techniques Dealing with Drivers and Other Tales of Hardware Troubleshooting Error Messages Preventive Maintenance and Data Recovery 7. Networking and Internetworking Setting Up a Workgroup Connecting to the Internet Dealing with Dialing Mixing and Matching Networks and Other Tricks of the Trade Security and Multiple Users 8. Taking Control of Web Integration The Lowdown on Web Integration Components Make Good Use of the Web View Using the Active Desktop Choosing Your Browser Defaults 9. Scripting and Automation Building a Script with VBScript Running Applications from Scripts Accessing the Registry from Scripts Manipulating Files from Scripts Creating Windows and Internet Shortcuts in Scripts Networking with Scripts Manipulating Internet Explorer from Scripts Using Command-Line Parameters in Scripts Writing CGI Scripts for a Web Server Making a Startup Script Deciphering Script Errors Finding a Better Editor Further Study Automating Scripts with Scheduled Tasks Wacky Script Ideas A. Setting Locator B. DOS Resurrected C. Class IDs of System Objects Index


David A. Karp is the author of the bestselling Windows Annoyances series of books and the founder of Annoyances.org. He writes for PC Magazine and his latest books include eBay Hacks and the upcoming eBay: The Missing Manual.


'Well written and packed with cures for common Windows Me problems we all suffer, this book also reveals undisclosed Windows features. Great for beginners who want to progress to be experts one day.' Computer Buyer, August 2001
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