Moses on Management

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"50 Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Manager of All Time"

Today's rapidly changing global business arena has made undaunted leadership as fleeting as yesterday's software. Yet the wisdom of one reluctant leader -- Moses -- has grown more relevant with each passing millennium. In Moses On Management, Rabbi David Baron -- a nationally renowned spiritual leader and successful entrepreneur-draws surprising parallels between the world of Moses and our own. Through Bible passages, amusing anecdotes, interviews with visionary leaders, and his own insights, Rabbi Baron conveys fifty powerful lessons for today's business managers, including:

-how to bring your staff out of the slave mentality

-why negotiating face-to-face brings optimum results

-why symbols of strength inspire extraordinary effort

-why crises are an open door to change -- and empowerment

-how to use the willing minority to motivate others

-why it's essential to make your staff into believers

-how to balance zero tolerance with 100 percent compassion

In a time of downsizing, mergers, and increasing uncertainty in the market place, "Moses On Management" is an in valuable resource for finding and sustaining a deeply satisfying balance between life and livelihood.


Rabbi David Baron is the founder of Temple Shalom for the Arts in Beverly Hills as well as two successful businesses. A highly sought-after lecturer and commentator for radio and television, he is also an active philanthropist. Lynette Padwa is the author of Everything you Pretend to Know and are Afraid Someone will Ask and the coauthor of several other books.
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