Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation

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Dezember 2000



Featuring a new Preface by the author, this millennial edition examines the history and psychology of pictorial representation in light of present-day theories of visual perception, information, and learning. 320 illustrations.


List of Illustrations ix Preface to the 2000 Edition xxv Preface xxxvii Preface to the Second Edition xli Introduction: Psychology and the Riddle of Style 3 PART ONE: The Limits of Likeness Chapter 1. From Light into Paint 33 Chapter 2. Truth and the Stereotype 63 PART TWO: Function and Form Chapter 3. Pygmalion's Power 93 Chapter 4. Reflections on the Greek Revolution 116 Chapter 5. Formula and Experience 146 PART THREE: The Beholder's Share Chapter 6. The Image in the Clouds 181 Chapter 7. Conditions of Illusion 203 Chapter 8. Ambiguities of the Third Dimension 242 PART FOUR: Invention and Discovery Chapter 9. The Analysis of Vision in Art 291 Chapter 10. The Experiment of Caricature 330 Chapter 11. From Representation to Expression 359 Retrospect 393 Notes 399 Index 443


Ernst Gombrich is indeed Master Scholar of the highest distinction. He has explored the mysterious links between perception and art--adding to both in the process, with a score of superb books on the history and philosophy of art... [Art and Illusion's] riches can only be appreciated by careful reading, more than once. -- Richard Gregory Perception [Sir Ernst's] own theory of perception, put forward in Art and Illusion ... arguably his most important book, was controversial in almost every detail. But it brought the topic of the visual back to the centre of the history of the visual arts, from where it had been strangely displaced. The Economist I have learned a great deal from this volume, but what I shall remember about it is the author's warmth and wit, the fabulous range of his references and the richness of personality that lies behind the whole performance. The New York Times
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