Cultivating the Empty Fields: The Silent Illumination of Zen Master Hongzhi

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August 2000



First to articulate the meditation method known to contemporary Zen practitioners as shikantaza ("just sitting") Chinese Zen master Hongzhi is one of the most influential poets in all of Zen literature. Though he lived in the 12th century, his ideas and words resound throughout modern Zen teachings. Now, this revised translation of Hongzhi's poetry, the only such volume available in English, treats readers to his profound wisdom and beautiful literary gift. In addition to dozens of Hongzhi's religious poems, translator Daniel Leighton offers an extended introduction, placing the master's work in its historical context, as well as lineage charts and other information about the Chinese influence on Japanese Soto Zen. No Zen library would be complete without this definitive collection of Hongzhi's work on its shelves.-- The only existing English translation of Chinese Zen Master Hongzhi's work-- Features dozens of poems -- including six new ones since the last publication -- plus an extensive introduction to Hongzhi and his work


Zen Master Hongzhi lived in the 12th century and was an extremely influential Zen master and poet. Translator Daniel Leighton is the author of Boddhisattva Archetypes and the translator of Dogen's The Wholehearted Way.
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