Tales of a Punk Rock Nothing

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August 2000



The classic underground novel about a Jewish kid from Tennessee, who moves to D.C. and hangs out with militant vegetarians, manifesto-writing shoplifters, and strippers who write feminist theory. The story is told through journals, letters and zines. It's got everything you could want out of a novel: a chase scene, a sex scene, plus angst-ridden critiques of American society.


Himelstein was arrested for selling books outside a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert; the ACLU defended him and had the charges dismissed.Currently, he lives in New Orleans, LA. Schweser co-founded the publishing company New Mouth from the Dirty South. He lives in Boston, Mass.


The novel is funny, thought-inspiring and interesting...'Tales' is an excellent documentation of the time, place and soul of a movement that echoes in the background of popular music today.--The North Texas Daily
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Verlag: New Mouth from the Dirty South
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