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Deceptively beautiful, modern woodstrip canoes are not only rugged and responsive in the water, they can be built by anyone with a minimum of woodworking skills. Canoecraft contains step-by-step instructions for seven different, low-cost, classic canoe models. Illustrations and photos.


Ted Moores is a best-selling author. In 1972, Moores pioneered the woodstrip/epoxy boatbuilding system for canoes and, since then, has promoted the fine art of wooden-canoe and kayak construction. He is the author of "Kayaks You Can Build."


If you want to build a strip-plank canoe -- or kayak -- Canoecraft is the book to buy... All in all a very comprehensive boatbuilding book and highly recommended.--Pete Greenfield"Water Craft" (03/01/2004)
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Untertitel: An Illustrated Guide to Fine Woodstrip Construction. 2 Rev ed. 32 colour photos, b&w photos, diagrams. Sprache: Englisch.
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