Modelling World War 2 Figures

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August 2000



This book takes over where No 7 finished. It tackles the complex problems posed by WWII figure modelling caused by the variety of combatants, uniforms, camouflage schemes, vehicles and weapons, the many theatres of war and the variety of terrain fought over.


"I strongly recommend this book to ANY modeler, not just the figure painter alone, for the techniques covered here are priceless...very detailed paint scheme charts for each subject, step by step painting technique, and supporting text is fantastic! This book and a little practice will have you turning out some really amazing pieces in no time. Highly suggest that you buy this one and add it to your library...I don't think that you will be disappointed." -Mark R Smith, "Historicus Forma "(January 2005)
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Untertitel: 'Osprey Modelling Manuals'. 140 colour illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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