Trading Natural Gas: Cash Futures Options & Swaps

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Januar 1997



Cash, futures, options, and swaps -- this great "how-to" book covers the various mechanics of natural gas trading, including the physical (cash) market for natural gas production, transportation, distribution, and consumption. The heart of the text is the definition and demonstration of financial trading tools and techniques. It closes with discussion of more complex structures of trading and the author's philosophy on how a risk-management department should function within a natural gas trading company.


Part 1 Market overview: the past; the present. Part 2 The physical (cash) natural gas market; business activity; supply fundamentals; demand fundamentals; demand fundamentals; transportation; physical transaction types. Part 3 The financial natural gas market: value; pricing and trading. Part 4 Hedging and trading instruments: financial market terminology; futures; indexes; swaps; futures look-alike swaps; basis swaps; index swaps; swing swaps; EFPs; triggers; options. Part 5 Structured transactions. Part 6 Building a risk management model: centralized risk management model.
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