Let's Write!: A Ready-To-Use Activities for Learners with Special Needs

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August 2000



For all educators grades 3 and up, here is a proven, ready-to-use resource that lets you easily tailor writing experiences to the needs of any student having difficulty writing — even your most reluctant writer! Starting with simple written words and progressing to sentences, paragraphs, and reports, Let's Write! takes into account all ability levels and learning styles to help each student achieve success. Basic to more advanced skills are presented sequentially in lessons that devote small amounts of time to four diverse tasks. For example, one lesson of moderate difficulty might ask students to do the following: Write a list of things that can fly. Write a paragraph about your favorite meal. Play a game that involves pantomiming verbs. Listen to a read-aloud like The Education of Little Tree.
Sequential presentation of the skills needed for writing helps students become successful right from the start of their program, and spending smaller amounts of time on diverse tasks engages students with attention issues. The program gives you over 200 activities and over 110 worksheets, all printed in a big 8 1/4" x 11" spiral-bound format that folds flat for easy photocopying of any page as many times as needed. It is organized into two parts: PART 1 focuses on teaching the basic structures of written language in seven sections: for example, Words ("A Category Game"), Sentences ("Write It with Nouns"), Paragraphs ("A 'What If' Paragraph"), Research Reports ("Write About Amazing Facts"), Book Reports ("Write a Testimonial"), Stories ("Five-Object Find"), and Essays ("Political Topics"). PART 2 offers a combination of specific skills development and opportunitiesfor practice in nine sections: for example, Grammar ("Search and Destroy"), Editing ("Find My Mistakes"), Poetry ("A Poem Full of Lies"), Literature Connection ("Animal Questions"), Holidays ("A Holiday From Another Culture"), Letters ("Hello Human"), Using the Newspaper ("


About This Resource; How To Use This Program; PART ONE Word Writing; Sentence Writing; Paragraph Writing; Writing Research Reports; Writing Book Reports; Writing Stories; Writing Essays; PART TWO Grammar; Editing; Writing Poetry; The Literature Connection; Holidays; Writing Letters; Using The Newspaper; Integrating Writing With Real Life And The Rest Of The Curriculum 1; Gimmicks And Gags; Appendix A: List Ideas; Appendix B: Read Aloud Books; Read-Aloud Books


Cynthia M. Stowe has taught writing for many years. She is a certified classroom teacher, special education teacher, and school psychologist. She has taught writing to students of all ages, including adults. Cynthia's main area of interest has always been working with students with special needs. Because she found that these students do not always flourish with traditional writing programs, she developed Let's Write! over a twelve-year period while she was working in public school, private school, and clinic settings. Currently, Cynthia is teaching writing to students with special needs at the Eagle Mountain School in Greenfield, Massachusetts. She has taught many writing workshops to teachers and to parents with their children present. Cynthia is also an author. She has published three children's books: Home Sweet Home, Good-Bye (middle grades, Scholastic, 1990), Dear Mom, in Ohio for a Year (middle grades, Scholastic, 1992), and Not-So-Normal Norman (grades 3-6, Albert Whitman, 1995). In addition, she has recently published Spelling Smart! A Ready-to-Use Activities Program for Students With Spelling Difficulties (The Center for Applied Research In Education, 1996).
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