Classic Country: Legends of Country Music

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Now for the first time, country music authority Wolfe gathers together his profiles of 50 legends of country music, from Bill Monroe and Lefty Frizzell to Kitty Wells and DeFord Bailey. Includes interesting anecdotes, quotations, and little-known facts behind the songs. 47 photos.


Features Portraits of 50 Country Music Legends, including: Roy Acuff, DeFord Bailey, Blue Sky Boys, Fiddlin' John Carson, The Carter Family, Cousin Emmy, Vernon Dalhart, The Delmore Brothers, Curly Fox and Texas Ruby, Lefty Frizzell, Georgia Yellow Hammers, Don Gibson, Girls of the Golden West, Grandpa Jones, Karl and Harty, Pee Wee King, Tommy Magness, Bill Monroe, Jimmie Riddle, The Rouse Brothers, Hank Snow, The Statler Brothers, Zeke and Zeb Turner, Kitty Wells, Doc Watson, and many more Written by one of the leading experts on the history of country music Filled with interesting anecdotes, quotations, and little-known facts behind the songs Includes over 40 rare photos from the author's own collection


Charles K. Wolfe, Professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University, is the author of sixteen books on folk, country, and popular music, including A Good Natured Riot: The Birth of the Grand Ole Opry (1999), The Life and Legend of Leadbelly (cowritten with Kip Lornell, 1992), and The Devil's Box: Masters of Southern Fiddling (1997). He has produced or annotated over one hundred albums of music, for which he has received three Grammy nominations.


"Wolfe takes some of the best and least-known personalities of "Traditional Country" and gives them life in succinct but informative vignettes...Still, whether Wolfe is retelling well-known lore or delving into the fascinating, forgotten, yet influential lives of lesser-knowns; he provides vivid. loving portraits of a country music that barely exists anymore."
-David M. Turkalo, Booklist
"An essential book for popular music collections."
-ray Olson, Booklist
"In lively, easy-going prose, he undertakes honest, generous, largely biographical investigations of the musicians to whom he's devoted his career... His sensitive, masterful essays elucidate the contributions these artists made to the "great unifying, nourishing stream [that] runs through the history of country music."
-Publisher's Weekly
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