Trade Secrets for Nonprofit Managers

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Nonprofit managers often focus on mastering the core competencies that are part of their jobs: fund raising, financial management, board development, and leadership. However, in being so function driven, the field as a whole is perceived by those in it and those working with them as a collection of independent tasks, rather than a whole job. The implicit message is that, unlike in the for-profit sector, there should only be managers with narrow areas of focus, not wide-ranging executives. If there is no one the nonprofit manager can turn to for assistance -- a common problem for many in this position -- this book will provide the tools for individual and organizational development.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. VISION. Dreams and Actions. MISSION. The Art of the Mission Statement, or Why the Writing Should Be on the Wall. The Life Cycles of Nonprofit Organizations. The Death (and Rebirth) of Advocacy. The End of a Mission. STRATEGY. The Art of Strategic Positioning. Don't Just Manage, Lead. The Strategic Agenda. How Everyone Can Be a Strategist. Making Management Your Business. The Iron Triangle. How to Improve Quality Ten Different Ways. What Your Funding Sources Want from Managed Care. The Core Competence of the Nonprofit Corporation. A Different Kind of Growth. Collaborating to Compete. The Power of Social Enterprise. Needed: Clearly Marked Exits. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE. The New Organizational Chart. The Permanent Labor Shortage. It's 2010: Do You Know Who Your Executive Director Is? Why Mergers Fail, and What To Do About It. Boys and Girls. Managing Different Kinds of Diversity. Why Board Members Wake Up at 3:00 a.m. Why "Corporate" Board Members May Fail. The Structure of National Boards of Directors. The Natural Laws of Task Forces, Committees, and Boards of Directors. In Praise of Hidden Government Subsidies. The Rise of the ASO. Proactive Management through Benchmarking. Giving Diligence Its Due. Related Parties. Down With Geography, or Why You Have Service Gaps. Rethinking the United Way Gilt by Association: Why Associations Must Reshape Themselves. The Business of Trade Shows. RESOURCES. Profit: Why, and How Much. Why Capitalization Is Not a Four-Letter Word. In Cash There Is Opportunity. Indirect Secrets, or Why Nonprofits Will Never Have $80 Screwdrivers. Critical Juncture Financing. Where to Find Cost Savings. Recovering from a Case of Parentheses. Soliciting Mistrust. How to Transfer a Few Trillion Dollars. Donor Advised Funds: New Kids Change the Block. Index.


Tom McLaughlin has over 25 years of nonprofit experience as a nonprofit manager, trade association executive, and consultant. He joined Grant Thornton LLP to assist all types of non-profit clients with strategic, operations, and financial projects. He is nationally recognized as an expert in nonprofit mergers and alliances, financial management, and strategic planning.
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