The M&A Transition Guide: A 10-Step Roadmap for Workforce Integration

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April 2001



Provides a practical, 10-step process for managing the human aspect of an M& A M& A activity is higher than ever with acquisitions becoming an important part of every companys growth strategy. The industries heavily engaging in this activity are high-tech, emerging technologies, and utilities. The M& A Transition Guide is written for executives, managers, and HR professionals involved with any transaction that moves employees from one company to another. Poor workforce integration i main cause for M& A failures and this book helps managers make the M& A transition a more positive one by providing a plan of action for the integration that focuses on ten critical steps. These steps encompass the entire M& A process from due diligence to employee retention strategies.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Step 1: Develop the Workforce Integration Project Plan. Step 2: Conduct HR Due Diligence Review. Step 3: Compare Benefits and Analyze Differences in Value. Step 4: Compare Compensation and Analyze Differences in Value. Step 5: Develop Compensation and Benefits Strategy for Workforce Integration. Step 6: Determine Leadership Assignments. Step 7: Address Duplicate Functions. Step 8: Prepare Employee Communications Strategy. Step 9: Define Transition Data Requirements. Step 10 : Develop Employee Retention Strategy. The School of Hard Knocks. Hallelujah! We Did It Right. Conclusion. Appendix A: Sample Project Plans. Appendix B: Sample Q&A. References. Index.
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