Friedrich Hayek: A Biography

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The first biography of the most important economist of the twentieth century.


Introduction PART I: WAR 1899-1931 Family World War I University of Vienna New York Mises PART II: ENGLAND1931-193 LSE Robbins Keynes Monetary and Business Cycle Theory Capital International Gold Standard Socialist Calculation 'Economics and Knowledge' PART III: CAMBRIDGE 1940-1949 The Abuse and Decline of Reason Methodology and Epistemology The Road to Serfdom Celebrity Mont Pelerin Society Psychology Popper PART IV: AMERICA 1950-1962 Divorce and Remarriage University of Chicago Committee on Social Thought Mill The Constitution of Liberty Influence Friedman PART V: LAW, LEGISLATION AND LIBERTY 1962-1974 Freiburg Liberty and Law Marx, Evolution, and Utopia Government and Morals Historian of Ideas Salzburg PART VI: NOBEL PRIZE 1974-1992 Laureate Later Monetary Thinking and Seldon Thatcher Opa Bartley The Fatal Conceit Neustift am Wald 'Universal Order of Peace' Chronology of Hayek's Major Works


Lanny Ebenstein


'Ebenstein has provided an educational look at the life and thought of a philosopher who bids fair to have as much intellectual relevance to this century as Marx had to the 20th.' - Washington Post
'...Ebenstein take us on a lively intellectual journey...[an] astute biography. . .' - Wall Street Journal
'...a gripping account...an illustrious exposition of the life of the last century's greatest political philosopher.' - Houston Chronicle
'...an accessible and illuminating review of Hayek's life, philosophy, and accomplishments.' - Washington Times
'A splendid biography of the twentieth century's greatest philosopher of liberty. A well written, sympathetic, yet critical examination of his life and intellectual contributions.' - Milton Friedman, Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Instititution, Stanford University, Professor Emeritus of Economics, University of Chicago, and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 1976
'It is good to have this solid intellectual biography of Hayek available. It can supplement the several generalized evaluations of Hayek's ideas.' - James M. Buchanan, Advisory General Director of the Center for Study of Public Choice, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at George Mason University and Virginia Tech, and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, 1986
'...Ebenstein skillfully crafts his history.' - Claremont Review of Books
'...an illustrious exposition of the life of the last century's greatest political philosopher.' - Houston Chronicle
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