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Are you guilty of e-mail "trigger finger"? Do you constantly "cc" people you never even see? What are today's rules for conducting business over the Internet? Now, The Elements of Style meets "the Miss Manners of memos"* in the ultimate writing guide for the digital age.In an era when written communication in the workplace is more crucial than ever, at a time when many professionals all but completely eschew face-to-face dealings, E-WRITING is poised to become the new bible of business writing. Accessible and inviting, this Web-savvy "how-to" book promises to transform anxious e-mail hacks and mediocre memo writers into eloquent electronic scribes in no time at all.Inside, you will learn how to: -- combat counterproductive e-mail habits-- write authoritatively and persuasively, with a clear message that generates quick action-- handle e-mail and letter correspondence efficiently and effectively-- select an appropriate style for the audience you're addressing-- heighten your professional image, self-confidence, and career prospects.Practicing what she preaches, award-winning communicator and bestselling author Dianna Booher writes in a refreshingly straightforward style and has organized E-WRITING to make on-the-spot referencing a snap. Keep it handy; refer to it often -- and your online mailbox will never be the same again.


Dianna Booher is the author of thirty-seven books, sixteen of which deal with various aspects of communication. As the founder and CEO of her own training firm, Booher Consultants Inc., she works with more than half of America's Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, MCI World Com, ExxonMobile and Pepsico.


"Working Woman" Dianna Booher incorporat[es] commonsense advice on office politics and tact.
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