Palm OS Network Programming

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September 2001



The wireless revolution has touched off a huge demand for Palm OS network applications. But information on how to connect a Palm is fragmented across dry function listings in the SDK documentation, a couple of book chapters, some sample code, and a few articles on the Palm web site (each of which assumes prior knowledge of network applications).
Palm OS Network Programming pulls all the necessary elements together in the first complete guide to developing network applications for the Palm Computing Platform. The author assumes knowledge of Palm programming in C, but no network experience is required. You'll learn Palm network concepts such as transport protocols and client-server applications from the ground up, clearly illustrated with examples using Metrowerks CodeWarrior development environment.
The Palm Net Library, essential to any network application development, gets the detailed treatment it deserves, with sample network applications demonstrating how to make the best use of this powerful system library.
Palm OS Network Programming is the first complete developer's resource to building creative--and connected--applications for the fastest-growing platform of the 21st century.


Preface. I. Introduction to Palm Network Development. 1. Connected Palms A Brief History of Palm OS Networking Networking Options. 2. The Network Application Model The OSI Model OSI Layers. 3. Designing Network Applications The Zen of Palm Designing FtpView Designing Daytime Peer Implementation Plan. 4. Development Tools Development Tools Debugging Tools. II. Net Library Programming. 5. A Brief Tour of the Net Library The Design of the Net Library Using the Net Library. 6. Hello, NetLib Initializing the Net Library Connecting to the Network Disconnecting from the Network Sample Application. 7. Hostnames and Addresses Hostname Resolution Service Resolution Byte Ordering Sample Application. 8. Making Connections What Is a Connection? Palm OS Connections The Life and Times of a Socket Sample Application. 9. Exchanging Data Streaming Data Exchanges The File Transfer Protocol Sample Application. 10. Reading and Writing Responsively Deconstructing FtpView The FTP State Machine Sample Application. 11. Accepting Connections Serving TCP Connections FTP Data Connections Sample Application. 12. Optimizing Stream Sockets Socket Operating Modes Blocking Sockets Nonblocking Sockets Unblocking FtpView. 13. UDP Sockets What Is UDP? UDP and the Network The Daytime Protocol Sample Application Suggestions for Further Reading. Index.


Greg Winton has been a professional software developer for
thirteen years. As the Director of Software Development for Bachmann
Software and Services, he transformed a respected Windows software
development company into the premier Palm solutions provider.


'HIT! ... Covers a difficult topic in detail with lots of examples.' Computer Shopper, February 2002
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