Godber Plays: One: Bouncers, Happy Families, Shakers

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Mai 2001



This volume contains three plays by John Godber: "Bouncers", "Happy Families", and "Shakers".


Bouncers; Happy Families; Shakers


John Godber is the director of Hull Truck Theater Company. His plays have won numerous major awards and are performed all over the world.


'Bouncers is not so much a play as it is a social phenomenon. There is barely a language it hasn't been translated in to, nor a country it hasn't conquered. It has become an indelible part of the theatrical landscape... Bouncers survives because the urge to drink, fight and reproduce is never likely to go out of fashion.' Alfred Hickling, Guardian, 21.1.09 'It's a model of empty-space theatricality. Four actors create - with no props or sets - a vulgar, vibrant, Friday night world of hairdressers, urinals, northern club action and back-street shagging... Its physical exuberance exhilarates audiences.' Claire Brennan, Observer, 25.1.09
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