Breast Cancer

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Februar 1993



For many women breast cancer is one of the most distressing of all diseases. Breast Cancer examines the effects of the disease through all stages of diagnosis and treatment. Making extensive use of verbatim accounts by women of their experiences, it intersperses these with relevant findings and theories from recent scientific research. The book's emphasis on the psychosocial impact of the disease and its treatment will help all those who care for breast cancer patients to understand the distress involved and the means of alleviating it.


Chapter One. What is Breast Cancer and How is it Treated? A Surgeon's Experience of Breast Cancer. Chapter Two. Lay Attidudes, Beliefs, Screening & Self-Examination. Chapter Three. Finding a Breast Lump & Hearing the Diagnosis. Chapter Four. Psychosocial Outcome of Breast Cancer Treatment. Chapter Five. Psychological Reactions to Recurrence & Advanced Disease. Chapter Six. Psychological Interventions. Chapter Seven. Conclusion & New Directions.
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