Health and Illness in a Changing Society

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Mai 1997



Health and illness are intensely personal matters. It seems self evident that health is a basic necessity of the 'good life', though it is often taken for granted. Illness, on the other hand challenges our sense of security and may introduce acute anxiety into our lives. Health and Illness in a Changing Society provides a lively and critical account of the impact of social change on the experience of health and illness. It also examines the different sociological perspectives that have been used to analyse health matters. While some of the ideas developed in the last twenty years remain relevant to social research in health today, many are in need of urgent revision.


Introduction: Health, Illness and Sociology 1. From Illness Behaviour to Health Beliefs and Knowledge 2. Inequalities in Health 3. Doctors, Patients and Interaction in Health Care 4. Chronic Illness and Disability 5. Death and Dying 6. The Body, Health and Risk.


"Those of us who have cut our teeth on the discipline of medical sociology with the help of Bury's many writings and teaching will not be disappointed with this accessible, well-balanced and scholarly text.... a generous and incisive text which will be invaluable to students, teachers and research practitioners alike."
-"The Sociological Review
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