Screen Savers (Oz Blackstone Series, Book 4)

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November 2000



The fourth novel in the hugely popular Oz Blackstone crime series


After an eventful career as a spin doctor to the powerful, rich and notorious, fifteen years ago Quintin Jardine found that his talents were equally well fitted to the world of crime fiction. Now he is the author of seven Oz Blackstone mysteries as well as thirteen Bob Skinner crime novels. Quintin Jardine is one of Scotland's top-selling crime authors. His last novel was an original fiction top ten bestseller and a No.1 bestseller in Scotland. Over 500,000 copies of Quintin's novels have been sold to date and sales are rising with every new novel. Fantastic new package will attract a whole new readership The Bob Skinner series goes from strength to strength and the Oz Blackstone series is now a must for all fans of brilliantly plotted, highly charged crime novels.


'SCREEN SAVERS is a novel that engages you from the start' Dundee Evening Telegraph Praise for previous novels: Skinner's Rules: 'Remarkably assured novel...a tour de force' New York Times 'Excellent thriller' Manchester Evening News 'Deplorably readable' Guardian 'A first-class read' Jeffrey Archer Skinner's Festival: 'Comes through strongly and believably...has the right city atmosphere' Edinburgh Evening News 'Robustly entertaining' Irish Times Skinner's Trail: 'Skinner is a TV series waiting to happen' Peterborough Evening Telegraph 'Engrossing, believable characters...captures Edinburgh beautifully...It all adds up to a very good read' Edinburgh Evening News Skinner's Round: 'The Skinner series grows in authority and should be a natural for television' Time Out 'A complex and suspenseful saga that never flags from start to finish' Bolton Evening News Skinner's Ordeal: 'Quintin Jardine has created the toughest Scottish cop since Taggart' Peterborough Evening Telegraph 'Fast-paced, fast-cut stuff...some sharply written dialogue' Worcester & Hereford Evening News Skinner's Mission: 'Once again Jardine serves up a thriller full of action, gritty realism and sharp patter' Darlington Northern Echo
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