Breaking Boundaries

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August 1996



This text presents evidence of the work and action of feminists in academia and shows that there is still much to be done before academia is a safe and welcoming environment for women. Women integrate their experience with theory to document and challenge the obstacles to equality and difference.


Interdisciplinary ideals and institutional impediments - a case study of postgraduate provision, Elizabeth Bird; mothering and education - reflexivity and feminist methodology, Miriam David et al; the power of numbers - quantitative data and equal opportunities research, Mairead Dunne; deaf women academics in higher education, Ruth Elaine Gibson; Irish women in higher education in England - from invisibility to recognition, Breda Gray and Louise Ryan; women and disability in higher education - a literature search, Alessandra Iantaffi; women and careers in higher education - what is the problem?, Christine Heward; women in management education - the token topic?, Pat Hornby and Sue Shaw; equal opportunities and higher education, Maggie Humm; good practices, bad attitudes - an examination of the factors influencing women's academic careers, Jane Kettle; in the prime of their lives? older women in higher education, Meg Maguire; interrogating patriarchy - the challenges of feminist research, Louise Morley; activists as change agents - achievements and limitations, Liz Price and Judy Priest; black women's inclusion in professional and management education, Catharine Ross; terms of engagement - pedagogy as a healing politic, Val Walsh.
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