Meaning in Technology

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Arnold Pacey explores how an individual's sense of purpose and meaning in life can affect the shape and use of technology.


Arnold Pacey is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University,Britain. He is the author of The Culture of Technology (MITPress, 1983), Technology and World Civilization (MIT Press,1991), and The Maze of Ingenuity, second edition (MIT Press,1992).


"Meaning in Technology is a sensitive, sensible critique of outdated and ahistorical notions about technology as a suprahuman force transcending individual experiences and feelings." - Howard P. Segal, Nature; "Writing in a conversational style, Paley refreshingly advocates the personal experience of technology as an essential part of the larger public meaning....With many examples, Paley makes a convincing case for technology that values people as well as their environment." - Laverna Saunders, Library Journal"
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