Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House and Garden

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Juni 2001



Every year Americans use 500 million pounds of toxic pesticides in and around their homes, schools, parks, and roads. But are these poisons really necessary? This book shows how to triumph in combat with pests without losing the war to toxic chemicals. Illustrations.


CONTENTS Preface to the New Edition Introduction 'Incredible Insects': The Toxic Tide PART ONE: Tiny Game Hunting in the Home The Folly of Pesticides Home, Toxic Home Home, Safe Home Quitting Pesticides for Good and Disposing of Them Common Pests: Ants Bed Bugs Bees Clothes Moths and Carpet Beetles Cockroaches Fleas Flies Houseplant Pests Lice Mosquitoes Pantry Pests Rats and Mice Silverfish Spiders Termites and Wood-Boring Beetles Ticks, Chiggers, and Mites Occasional Invaders: Asian Lady Beetles Boxelder Bugs Centipedes Cluster Flies Crickets Earwigs Moths Scorpions PART TWO: Tiny Game Hunting in the Garden The Healthy Garden The Fallacy of Pesticides Compost Earthworms Mulch Organic Fertilizers Cover Crops Companion Planting The Tactics of Tiny Game Hunting in the Garden: Handpicking Hosing Traps Barriers Soaps Horticultural Oils Dusts Biological Controls Botanicals Repellents Allies in the Air and on the Ground: Bats Birds Lizards Snakes Toads and Frogs Good Bugs Mail Order Mercenaries Green Lacewings Ladybugs Mealybug Destroyers Parasitic Nematodes Parasitic Wasps Parasites of Flies Predatory Mites Good Bugs Gratis "True" Bugs Beetles A Few Good Flies Distinguished Native Beneficials Dragon Flies Damselflies Antlions Fireflies Honorably Discharged Praying Mantises Garden Pests Chompers Cabbage Loopers and Imported Cabbageworms Colorado Potato Beetles Cucumber Beetles Cutworms Fall Webworms and Eastern Tent Caterpillars Flea Beetles Grasshoppers Gypsy Moths Japanese Beetles Leafhoppers Mexican Bean Beetles Tomato Hornworms Root Destroyers June Beetles Nematodes Root Maggots Wireworms (Click Beetles) Slimers Slugs and Snails Suckers Aphids Mealybugs Scale Insects Spider Mites Thrips "True" Bugs Whiteflies Tunnelers Borers Codling Moths Corn Earworms Plum Curculios Friend or Foe? Centipedes and Millipedes Earwigs Opossums Sowbugs and Pillbugs Yellow Jackets and Wasps Critter Control Diggers Gophers Moles Foragers Deer Dogs Rabbits Raccoons Skunks Squirrels Resources and Mail Order Select Bibliography Index


Hilary Dole Klein is a writer living in Santa Barbara and the author of A Guide to Nonsexist Children's Books (1976) and Substituting Ingredients (third edition, 1994), among other books. Adrian M. Wenner is Professor Emeritus of Natural History at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the author of books, articles, and a chapter in Comparative Psychology of Invertebrates: The Field and Laboratory Study of Insect Behavior (1997).


"Tiny Game Hunting is the delightful name of a useful book [that tells] how to get ants to move by pouring a blended solution of lemon peel on their nest, how to repel gophers with Juicy Fruit gum, and how to confuse thrips with aluminum strips. There is some very good natural history on each pest - so you better understand what makes them tick - and it is told with a fine sense of humor. There are dozens of pests described and hundreds of clever cures in this book." - Los Angeles Times "This book advocates the rational use of alternative home remedies, rather than commercial long-lived biocidal death sprays....[The authors] present commonsense, forgotten, and little-known tactics for dealing with troublesome pests in and around the home." - Backyard Bugwatching"
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