Anthrax: The Investigation of a Deadly Outbreak

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Februar 2001



This is a powerful story of an anthrax outbreak twenty years ago, one that took the lives of over 150 Russians, and one that was covered up by the KGB and others in the government. Like a mystery novel, the book's drama takes the reader through the maze of cover-up and denial to find the real truth.


List of Figures Preface Principal Participants 1. Anthrax: Accursed Fire and Biological Weapon 2. Moscow: Fragments of Evidence 3. Moscow: Conflicting Visions 4. In the Urals: The Quest Begins 5. Autopsy Visions 6. The Community of the Dead: Vostochniy Cemetery 7. Abramova's Treasure 8. To Chkalovskiy Rayon 9. Constraints, Fears, Frustrations 10. on Doors 11. Public Health and Private Pain 12. The Unnatural Steals the Natural 13. Resignation 14. Vulnerability and Chance 15. The KGB List of Victims 16. Moscow Redux 17. Names Go to Places: Map Building Begins 18. Biological Weapons and Political Outbreaks 19. Manifestation 20. Mirage: The Animal Outbreak 21. Chkalovskiy: The Final Pieces 22. Do No Evil, See No Evil 23. The Summing Up 24. The Threat of Bioweapons 25. Return to Yekaterinburg 26. "The World Is Global" App. A. List of 1979 Sverdlovsk Anthrax Fatalities App. B. Summary of Case Data for Known Victims of the Sverdlovsk Anthrax Outbreak of 1979 Notes References Index


Jeanne Guillemin is Professor of Sociology at Boston College and a senior fellow at the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


"An exhaustive, authoritative and scientifically responsible account of the largest epidemic of inhalation anthrax yet on record." - Ed Regis, Nature "An absorbing first-person account of an investigation into a mysterious 1979 anthrax epidemic in the Soviet Union, the worst ever recorded in a modern industrial nation.... Guillemin makes palpable the virulence of anthrax as a biological weapon, raises important accountability issues, and questions our own country's leadership in arms control." - Kirkus Reviews "A beautiful book.... It offers vivid insights into how scientists actually work - the ceaseless questioning from every conceivable angle whose goal is to eliminate doubt." - Boston Globe"
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