Canoe Paddles

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Juni 2001



A complete guide to making, caring for, decorating, and using, canoe paddles. Illustrated throughout with photos and line drawings, it is ideal for the beginner woodworker as well as the skilled wanting to experiment with desing and technique.


Diversity - evolution of the canoe paddle; design - inner workings of the canoe paddle; woods and adhesives - a guide to materials; tools - selecting your level of technology; paddlemaking basics; adding power; double blade paddles; oil and varnishes; care and repair; origins and native traditions; paddle plans.


Author Graham Warren lives in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, where he runs and makes Moosehead Canoes, and teaches the craft. He has canoed extensively in England, Scotland and Scandinavia


Canoe Paddles makes it possible for many of us novice woodworkers to create our own personal paddles. Whether you are making a paddle from a single piece of wood or a laminated paddle consisting of several pieces, this comprehensive book will show you the way....[This] is an excellent book for creating beautiful, functional paddles.--N. Glenn Perrett"Metroland North blog" (11/10/2008)
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Untertitel: A Complete Guide to Making Your Own. 132 b&w photographs, 69 b&w plans and drawings, glossary. Sprache: Englisch.
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