Murder Most Celtic: Tall Tales of Irish Mayhem

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März 2001



From the gently rolling hills and valleys to the savage storms blowing across the coasts, Ireland is a land of amazing contrasts, a study in both beauty and hostility. Nowhere is this more apparent than in its people. Whether hoisting a friendly pint in the local pub or fighting an enemy, as they have done for centuries, the Irish live their lives to the fullest no matter what the circumstances might be. Slow to anger and equally slow to forgive at times, the Emerald Isle's children have had plenty of experience in life on both sides of the law. Murder Most Celtic is an all-new anthology featuring crime and mystery stories about those men and women for whom being Irish is more than just a state of mind -- it's a way of life.


Martin Greenburg, often called the king of anthologists, has compiled more than one thousand anthologies, including the Murder Most... Series and the American Ghosts Series.
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