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Slash is the open source software system that drives the hugely popular Slashdot web site and many others. Slash implements the kind of web site that has come to be called a "weblog": a moderated list, in reverse chronological order, of timely items with links to further discussion on-site, or to further information off-site. Essentially, a weblog is a cooperatively authored daily newspaper for some defined community on the net.
Slash has spawned several imitators. The existence of so many different systems for operating a weblog site demonstrates that there are many people and groups on the net who want to run their own online community newspapers. Slash is based on open source technologies (Perl, Apache, and MySQL), and it makes use of open protocols (XML and RDF) for exchanging headlines with other sites.
Anyone who wants to get a weblog site up and running will want to read this book, particularly system administrators who may not have the time or the background to learn all about Slash by reading the source code. Content managers of Slash sites who want to be able to use the system more effectively will also benefit from this book, which organizes the knowledge currently distributed throughout the Slash source code, Slashcode web site, and mailing lists, and provides it in an organized package.


Foreword Preface Chapter 1. Slash: An Overview The Slashdot Story Becoming a Slash Guru: A Roadmap The Slash User Interface The Slash Author Interface The Slash Publishing Cycle The Slash Architecture Chapter 2. Installing Slash Before You Begin Getting the Software The Short Version The Details Advanced Installations Chapter 3. Basic Administration The Admin Menu Editing Authors Modifying Configuration Variables Chapter 4. Editing and Updating Stories The Stories List The Edit Story Form Gotchas Chapter 5. Reviewing and Approving Submissions The Submit Story Page The Submissions List The Revew Submission Page Editing User Submissions Chapter 6. Comments, Filters, and Content Moderation Viewing Comments Posting Comments Comment Filters Comment Moderation Moderation Configuration Variables Chapter 7. Managing Topics and Sections Managing Topics Choosing Topics and Icons Managing Sections Choosing Sections Chapter 8. Managing a Slash Community How to Stifle a Community Setting the Tone Finding and Generating Content Promoting the Site Managing Authors Managing Users Chapter 9. Basic Site Customization Blocks and Slashboxes Managing User Polls Chapter 10. Advanced Customization Changing the Look Customizing Template Behavior Themes and Plugins Modifying the Code Itself Internationalization Chapter 11. Advanced Administration Tasks The Slash Daemon and Tasks Slash Utilities Appendix A. Slash Architecture Appendix B. Common Slash Database Tables Appendix C. The Slash Template Language Appendix D. The Slash API Appendix E. Slash Configuration Variables Index


Brian "Krow" Aker has spent the last decade working on projects to promote communities, information, and publishing in the digital world. He has worked on the Virtual Hospital and has built data warehouses for groups like the Army Core of Engineers. He currently works as the "database thug and Apache guy" for OSDN on the website system that makes slashdot.org tick and is an instructor in the Perl Certification Course at the University Of Washington. For kicks, he writes oddball Apache, MySQL and Perl modules. Since he prefers rain and storms over most any type of weather, he lives in Seattle, Washington.
Dave Krieger is a software developer and security consultant who has been working in the Internet industry since 1992 and developing for the web since 1995; his clients have included Apple Computer, Digital Equipment Corporation, Compaq, Palm Computing, Dow Jones, and Synopsys. He co-founded Agorics, Inc., a software development consultancy, in 1993. Dave was the scientific technical consultant to TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation for the 1989-91 seasons, while still a graduate student at UCLA. He lives in the San Francisco bay area.
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