The Complete Book of Water Healing: Using the Earth's Most Essential Resource to Cure Illness, Promote Health, and Soothe and Restore Body, Mind, and

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September 2001



Using Earth's most essential resource to heal yourself
Presented in a beautiful package, this authoritative guide from a leading herbalist and health writer offers you practical and scientifically sound methods of healing with the planet's most abundant and most affordable natural health product--water. "The Complete Book of Water Healing "includes practical illustrations and step-by-step information on treating everything from children's ailments to sports injuries with therapeutic baths, steam treatments, hydrotherapy, and more.


Table of Contents Foreword Acknowledgments Part I Water Is Chapter One: Why We Use Water for Therapy Chapter Two: The Useful Past Part II Water Ways: Techniques in Using Water for Therapy Chapter Three: The Medical Uses of Water Chapter Four: Drinking Water Chapter Five: Ice Chapter Six: Compresses Chapter Seven: Baths Chapter Eight: Steam Chapter Nine: Foot Baths Chapter Ten: Hand Baths Chapter Eleven: Herb and Medicated Baths Chapter Twelve: Packs Chapter Thirteen: Showers Chapter Fourteen: Techniques for Children Part III Water Works: Health Problems and Water Therapy Part IV Water Therapies for the Millennium Appendixes Special Reflex Effects of Short Cold Applications Special Reflex Effects of Prolonged Cold Water Applications Reflex Effects of Prolonged Hot Applications on Functions Within the Body Alternate Hot and Cold Applications to the Same Area Hot or Cold or Simultaneous Hot and Cold Applications to Different Areas Effects of Cold and Heat on the Body Resource List Index


Dian Dincin Buchman, Ph.D., is a world-renowned herbalist, author, and editor with more than 20 books to her credit, including Dian Dincin Buchman's The Natural Way to Get Well and Stay Well.
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