Personal Pilgrimage at Midlife

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Through the practice of personal pilgrimage she developed, Viki Hurst offers readers a tool to explore, contemplate, and reflect upon key midlife issues - careers, relationships, sexuality, finances, spirituality, body image, mortality, and more. It encourages readers to take the time-out needed when midlife challenges crowd their busy calendars and psyches. Drawing on the insights of people from Plato to Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Hurst introduces each of these concerns with a mini-essay, then asks 10 questions for reflection. Part 2 outlines 12 pilgrimages users can take to work on these issues, for example Abundance point (finances), Artist's Cove (relationships), and Career Paths (Career).


Journey to Midlife Balance; Midlife Issues for Healing and Enlightenment; Personal Pilgrimage; Personal Pilgrimage Templates; Index of Inspirational Guides.


Viki Hurst
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