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The first collection of plays by the modern English playwright. Includes "Shopping and Fucking, Faust, Handbag" and "Some Explicit Polaroids".


Shopping and F***ing; Faust; Handbag; Some Explicit Polaroids


Mark Ravenhill trained at Bristol University. His first full-length play, Shopping and Fucking, open ed at the Royal Court Theatre, Upstairs, in September 1996. It transferred to the West End in June 1 997 and opened in New York in January 1998. It has subsequently been produced all over the world. Hi s other plays include Faust, Handbag and Some Explicit Polaroids.


'There are few stage authors writing more interestingly than Mark Ravenhill... He is - it is now yet more evident - a searing, intelligent, disturbing sociologist with a talent for satirical dialogue and a flair for sexual sensationalism.' Financial Times; Shopping and Fucking: 'is a darkly humorous play for today's twenty-somethings... a real coup de theatre' Nicholas de Jongh, Evening Standard; Faust: '...an intelligent and witty reappropriation of the legend... alive, pertinent and disturbing' Michael Coveney, Observer; Handbag: '...combines urban grit with sly wit, and reveals Mark Ravenhill as a writer of real daring' Daily Telegraph; Some Explicit Polaroids: 'laudably ambitious, pulsates with energy... very funny' Financial Times
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