Reinventing Government in the Information Age: International Practice in It-Enabled Public Sector Reform

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Will information technology help reinvent government? It might, but only if it is correctly managed. This book provides a new model for management of information age reform, based on international case-studies drawn from the US, UK, mainland Europe, and developing countries. It offers practical guidance and analytical insights and will be of value to practitioners, students, educators and researchers in both public administration and information systems.


Introduction SECTION A 1. Reinventing Government in the Information Age 2. Different approaches to Information Age reform 3. Understanding success and failure in Information Age reform 4. Better information age reform: reducing the risk of Information Systems failure SECTION B 5. Information systems for improved performance management: Development approaches in the US Public Agencies 6. Automating personnel records for improved management of human resources: the experience of three African governments 7. Evaluating information systems for decentralisation: Health management reform in Ecuador SECTION C 8. Internet-enabled applications for local government democratisation: Contradictions of the Swedish Experience 9. Community development and democratisation through Information Technology: Building the New South Africa 10. Information Technology's Impact on the Quality of Democracy: Reinventing the 'Democratic Vessel' SECTION D 11. Transforming accountability for government information technology projects: The impact of new US legislation 12. Outsourcing and government information technology strategy: Relevance of external consultant models in Barbados 13. Meeting training needs for information age reform: Shortcomings of current training provision SECTION E 14. Strategic Information systems planning 15. Analysing performance information needs: Using framework approaches in a UK Public Healthcare Organisation 16. Recruiting and retaining information systems staff for Information Age reform Appendix
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