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September 2000



John Bacher uncovers frightening facts about the world's oil industry and explores the potential for global conflict.


John Bacher received his PhD in History from McMaster University in 1985, and has taught at McMaster and the University of Toronto. A co-author of Get a Life: An Environmentalist's Guide to Better Living, Bacher is a passionate supporter of environmental preservation.


Petrotyranny is a prescient analysis of the global oil establishment and its implications for us all. Bachers treatment combines, in reader-friendly style, the rigour of scholarly discipline, a common-sense kind of prophecy (particularly with respect to Osama bin Laden), and interdisciplinary competence, underpinned with a restrained sense of irony. -- Robert C. Hoover -- Alternatives Journal A stunning expose of the oil industry. Youll never want to give them your hard earned money again. -- Greenpeace Petrotyranny is a comprehensive and wide-ranging look at the political implications of the development of oil production throughout the globe. -- Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society This densely packed, carefully annotated work is no easy read, but it is highly informative. -- Encompass Magazine This is a breakthrough book for the green and peace movements, and a must-read for anyone interested in solutions to the linked problems of economic globalization, global warming and conflict proliferation...Petrotyranny is a somewhat demanding read, but one that is well worth the effort. -- Terry Barker -- Now Magazine A very timely and provocative book for specialists, policy makers, students, and general readers. -- Choice
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