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A young woman's teen years are arguably the most emotionally-charged of her life. Her body is changing in ways often confusing to her: Hormones kick in, menstruation begins, and skin problems flare. Suddenly she is made brutally aware of what is considered by her peer group or larger society to be "pretty" in terms of looks or to be "sexy" in terms of body shape. Her self-image is easily bruised; her self-worth becomes linked to her own sometimes unbalanced perception of her popularity or prettiness. Bobbi's teen mission is to build self-image and self-esteem and to allow a sense of control over their bodies and their looks, and hence, their lives. The book covers young women of all ages, races, skin types, and lifestyles.Bobbi Brown's Teenage Beauty is your most plugged-in, hip, honest and loyal best friend. Bobbi tells you everything you need to know about anything (no matter how personal or disgusting) without ever insulting you. Teenage Beauty is real, spontaneous, all-American and fun. Bobbi has a natural directness that breeds a high level of trust with young women. They come to her for advice and trust her to be esteem-building, reassuring and completely straight with them.


Bobbi Brown Essentials is distributed in 170 stores in the United States and 16 countries worldwide. She is the exclusive beauty editor of the NBC Today Show.
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