The New Intifada: Resisting Israel's Apartheid

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Oktober 2001



Frustrated by the failure of the peace process to end the occupation, the Palestinian population of Israel and the Occupied Territories rose up on 29 September 2000. In this book a group of leading spokespeople trace the course of the uprising and its consequences.


Roane Carey is Copy Chief at The Nation magazine, New York.


"The first time Beitr Jala was shelled, people were surprised and wondered what had happened... now Israel is threatening to blockade the Palestinian areas and prevent us from getting water, electricity, or fuel... Children are the first victims of all this. No wonder they don't laugh from their hearts anymore. They've lost their childhoods, and their crime is that they are Palestinian. " - Patricia Al-Teet, school student, Beit Jala, the West Bank
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