Java and XSLT

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The power of XSLT is its ability to change the structure or format of any content that can be converted to XML. Java and XSLT shows you how to use XSL transformations in Java programs ranging from stand-alone applications to servlets. After an introduction to XSLT, the book focuses on applying transformations in some real-world scenarios, such as developing a discussion forum, transforming documents from one form to another, and generating content for wireless devices.
Java and XSLT discusses several common XSLT processors and the TRAX API, paying special attention to performance issues. Although there's a brief tutorial introduction to the XSLT language, the primary focus of the book isn't on learning XSLT or developing stylesheets; it's on making practical use of transformations in Java code.
The book covers:
* Introduction and Technology Review
* XSLT--The Basics
* XSLT--Beyond The Basics
* Java Web Architecture
* Programmatic Interfaces to XSLT Processors
* Using XSLT with Servlets
* Discussion Forum Implementation
* Advanced XSLT Web Techniques
* Testing, Tuning and Development Environments
* WAP and WML
* XSLT and Wireless Examples


1. Introduction Java, XSLT, and the Web XML Review Beyond Dynamic Web Pages Getting Started Web Browser Support for XSLT 2. XSLT Part 1-The Basics XSLT Introduction Transformation Process Another XSLT Example, Using XHTML XPath Basics Looping and Sorting Outputting Dynamic Attributes 3. XSLT Part 2-Beyond the Basics Conditional Processing Parameters and Variables Combining Multiple Stylesheets Formatting Text and Numbers Schema Evolution Ant Documentation Stylesheet 4. Java-Based Web Technologies Traditional Approaches The Universal Design XSLT and EJB Summary of Key Approaches 5. XSLT Processing with Java A Simple Example Introduction to JAXP 1.1 Input and Output Stylesheet Compilation 6. Servlet Basics and XSLT Servlet Syntax WAR Files and Deployment Another Servlet Example Stylesheet Caching Revisited Servlet Threading Issues 7. Discussion Forum Overall Process Prototyping the XML Making the XML Dynamic Servlet Implementation Finishing Touches 8. Additional Techniques XSLT Page Layout Templates Session Tracking Without Cookies Identifying the Browser Servlet Filters XSLT as a Code Generator Internationalization with XSLT 9. Development Environment, Testing, and Performance Development Environment Testing and Debugging Performance Techniques 10. Wireless Applications Wireless Technologies The Wireless Architecture Java, XSLT, and WML The Future of Wireless A. Discussion Forum Code B. JAXP API Reference C. XSLT Quick Reference Index


Eric Burke is an O'Reilly author and a principal
software engineer with Object Computing, Inc. in St.
Louis, MO. He specializes in Java and his job duties
include consulting, training, and public speaking
engagements. Eric can be reached at burke_e@yahoo.com.
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