The Complete Book of Electronic Security

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November 2001



-- Guides the professional from basic drawing exercises to the understanding and design of electrical system wiring diagrams
-- Illustrates how to create wiring designs, increase trouble-shooting skills, select design components, and expertly read and analyze wiring diagrams
-- Includes junction boxes and fire panel interface as well as questions, tests, and generic application


Chapter 1: Electronic Security: Past and Present
Chapter 2: How Alarm Systems Work
Chapter 3: Fire Safety
Chapter 4: Electricity Basics
Chapter 5: Tools
Chapter 6: Wiring
Chapter 7: Installing and Troubleshooting Alarm Systems
Chapter 8: Security Lighting
Chapter 9: Closed-Circuit Television Systems
Chapter 10: Smart Homes and Home Automation Systems
Chapter 11: Access Control Systems
Chapter 12: Systems Integration
Chapter 13: Vehicle Safety
Chapter 14: Certification and Licensing
Chapter 15: Finding Job Openings and Getting Hired
Chapter 16: Starting and Expanding a Business
Chapter 17: Monitoring Services
Chapter 18: Final Thoughts
Appendix A: Manufacturers
Appendix B: Central Stations and Suppliers
Appendix C: Electronic Schematic Symbols
Appendix D: License Requirements for New York, North Carolina, and Utah


Bill Phillips (Erie, PA) is a licensed locksmith and author of several books on security, including McGraw-Hill's Lockmithing.
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