Iceman: Uncovering the Life & Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier

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September 2001



On September 19, 1991 a couple hiking along an Alpine ridge stumbled upon a frozen, intact corpse melting out of a glacier. He was dubbed "the Iceman," and the realization that he was actually 5,000 years old set off a whirlwind of political, scientific, and media activity that made him an overnight sensation. In this remarkable and dramatic book, Brenda Fowler takes readers through the bizarre odyssey that began in the Stone Age and continued for years after the Iceman was unearthed. In a new afterword Fowler looks back on the ten years since the discovery and shows that the Iceman continues to inspire controversy and wonder.


Brenda Fowler's work has appeared in the "New York Times," "New York Times Magazine," and "The Times" (UK), among other publications.


"In this well-crafted retrospective, [Fowler] details the intrigue surrounding the man, who was eventually give the name Ozti. She fleshes out what we now know about Ozti's origins and way of life, as well as how he died. . . . Fowler's story also serves as a pointed look at the commercialization of modern science."--"Science News
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