An English Apocalypse

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Dezember 2001



George Szirtes' The Budapest File (2000) brought together his poems about his Hungarian roots and experiences. This new collection presents the poetry he has written from the other side, as an English Hungarian writer who grew up with ambiguous feelings towards his adopted home. His England possesses his imagination as powerfully as his almost unreachable, native city -- disturbingly real yet also phantasmagoric, a spectral country living out its past, its people haunted by failure and disappointment. Over half the poems in this collection are completely new. In the powerful climax of the title-sequence, Szirtes imagines England's destruction in five apocalypses.


George Szirtes was born in Budapest in 1948, and came to England with his family after the 1956 Hungarian upraising. He was educated in England, training as a painter, and has always written in English. In recent years he has worked as a translator of Hungarian litrature producing editions of such writters as Agnes Nemes Nagy, Oto Orban and Zsuzsa Rakovsky. He also co-edited Bloodaxe's Hungarian anthology The Colonnade of Teeth. After four collections with Secker and five with OUP, he published his hungarian retrospective The Budapest File with Bloodaxe in 2000. He lives in Norfolk and teaches at Norwich School of Art and Design.
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