Charles Taylor: Meaning, Morals and Modernity

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Februar 2002



The Canadian philosopher Charles Taylor is a key figure in contemporary debates about the self and the problems of modernity.
This book provides a comprehensive, critical account of Taylor's work. It succinctly reconstructs the ambitious philosophical project that unifies Taylor's diverse writings. And it examines in detail Taylor's specific claims about the structure of the human sciences; the link between identity, language, and moral values; democracy and multiculturalism; and the conflict between secular and non-secular spirituality. The book also includes the first sustained account of Taylor's career as a social critic and political activist.
Clearly written and authoritative, this book will be welcomed by students and researchers in a wide range of disciplines, including philosophy, psychology, politics, sociology, anthropology, cultural studies and theology.


Abbreviations. Acknowledgements. Introduction. 1. Linguistic Philosophy and Phenomenology. 2. Science, Action and the Mind. 3. The Romantic Legacy. 4. The Self and the Good. 5. Interpretation and the Social Sciences. 6. Individual and Community. 7. Politics and Social Criticism. 8. Modernity, Art and Religion. Conclusion. Notes. Index


Nicholas H. Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at Macquarie University, Sydney


"It is a good introduction to the themes and debates that have invigorated much of both analytic and continental philosophy over the last fifty years." Radical Philosophy "Nicholas H.Smitha s monograph Charles Taylor...puts forward a clear and well--argued assessment of Taylora s entire project, with details on his intellectual biography and political engagement. For the purposes of thinking through Taylora s work so far, this book is probably the best one around...The book is a great help for someone trying to understand Taylora s views on philosophical anthropology and transcendental argumentation...In total, Smitha s book is a must for those interested in Taylora s work and a good guide for those who want a reliable, critical overview" Arto Laitinen, Sats--Nordic Journal of Philosophy "At a time of resurgent objectivism in social science and political theory, this booka s topic presents an exemplary and engaging antidote." Professor Fred Dallmayr, University of Notre Dame
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