The Russian Army 1914-18

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November 2001



Often overshadowed by the drama of its catastrophic collapse in the November 1917 Revolution, the Imperial Russian Army's record in 1914-16 included some notable victories. Its human qualities of patriotism and endurance were remarkable, and in 1916 the 'Brusilov Offensive' on the South-Western Front outdistanced anything that was being achieved in France. The variety and romance of its uniforms - infantry and cavalry, Guards and Line, Cossacks, armour and Air Service crewmen, even a priest - are splendidly captured here by Russia's leading military artist; and Nik Cornish's expert text is supported by tables of insignia and many rare photographs.


Introduction: the Russian Army and society; The 'Great Programme': military and industrial reforms in 1914. The strategic situation; Organisation of the armed forces; Chronology of campaigns; Uniforms: Parade & service dress, Guards, line, Cossacks, specialist troops and services; Non-Russian formations; Russian elite units; Weapons; Tactics; Colour plates commentary


Nik Comish is a long-time researcher and freelance writer on Russian and Eastern European history, who has now gone freelance and works full time (trading as Stavka Military Historical Research). He is the Secretary of the Eastern Front Association, and author of numerous magazine articles. Andrei Karachtchouk was born in 1966 and lives in Moscow. A well established artist in Russia, his work for Osprey includes Men-at-Arms 293. The Russian Civil War (I) The Red Army. Andrei is active in Moscow's re-enactment society.


.".. a wealth of information essential to anyone interested in the RCW from Murmansk to the Ukraine and Crimea to Siberia and the Far East... What is most striking about [this book] is the evolution of the skill of the artist Andrei Karachtchouk... In "The Russian Army, " he has really outdone himself... an essential part of anyone's Russian Civil War library." -"HMG Reviewing Stand"
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