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When a man who claims to be from outer space is brought into Manhattan Institute, the mental ward seems to be just the place for him. Calling himself 'prot', he says that he is an inhabitant of the planet K-PAX. Setting a departure date - August 17th at 3.31am - on which he plans to return home on a beam of light. Is he really extraterrestrial?


Before becoming a novelist, Gene Brewer studied DNA replication and cell division at several major research stations. He is the author of ON A BEAM OF LIGHT, K-PAX II and the forthcoming K-PAX III, published in summer 2002, which will complete the K-PAX trilogy. He lives in New York City.


A man is brought into the mental ward of the Manhattan Institute after claiming to come from outer space. He maintains that he is an inhabitant of planet K-PX, a perfect world without wars, government or religion where every being co-exists in perfect harmony. And he sets a departure date when he will return home on a beam of light - which keeps the reader guessing until the very end.
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